Here in WV, squirrel hunting is a way of life that has been passed down for generations.  Squirrel hunting with dogs has been our passion for many years.  We try to raise top squirrel hunting dogs, that have one desire - to hunt squirrels and to get treed.  Our dogs are purebred Original Mountain Curs, registered with the Original Mountain Cur Breeders Association (OMCBA), the World Tree Dog Association (WTDA), and National Kennel Club (NKC).  We hunt these squirrel dogs throughout the year, and we welcome you to stop by to see them in action anytime you're in WV.  We squirrel hunt mostly for pleasure, but these dogs win consistently in squirrel hunting competition.  You'll see as you browse our site, we're proud of our squirrel dogs and proud to live in the Mountain State .

Squirrel hunt with Allen Franklin and Kenny Smith on 11/8/14. 
First big hunt for Mountain State Scout.

To date, Geronimo has sired 57 litters of puppies.  Pictured below are two collages showing 26 different pups from 20 different females.

Here is a picture of Allen Franklin and Multi World Champion Franklin's ThunderSport and Chuck with Multi World Champion Mountain State Geronimo after a hunt with these two legendary Original Mountain Curs.  At the time of the hunt (October 2013), Sport was 12 1/2 years old and Geronimo was 10.      

Geronimo Pups Win!!

2014 National Cur and Feist Breeders Association World Squirrel Champion 20/20 Kate